Tuesday, March 11, 2014

save our pollinators

visual poetry collaborative is hosting a benefit to build support for HR 2692, the Save Our Pollinators Act of 2013 and increasing awareness of what you can do locally to increase and sustain bee and butterfly populations

the be/s

from conjunctions via facebook

"’The BE/S’, Meredith Stricker's extraordinary sequence of poems and original artwork from the apian hivemind, is up now at http://www.conjunctions.com/webconj.htm.”

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

notes from the summer, before the fire

big sur

stone house garden, writing what will become cloud poems
we walk out the traces of new buildings, rooms and pool

8 june

bringing together Khlebnikov, numbers, great-uncle peter in Siberia,
Benjamin’s Jetz-zeit, promised land/borderland, the Korean DMZ

threads and weaving and unweaving
not entirely complete and not with the images that I want to include
but today there is a whole trajectory/draft for the book

it does feel like a very concentrated film

there is much to do – and I will return to the outdoors and nightsky to guide me

from readings: CAMILLO

‘signs and riddles’ veils, Camillo: “the oldest and wisest writers have had the habit of protecting in their writings the secrets of God with dark veils’

“revelatory imagery”

angels in dante’s paradiso HAVE NO MEMORY
undivided from God

“…no new object interrupts their sight and hence, they have no need of
memory since they do not possess divided thought” 84

the physical impression of images on memory

book burning, the story of racine and homer

if all memory is stored in my HD or ipod I’m a little worried about corporate
 control of access (antiquity happens quickly in electronic time, would
need to pay and update to have access to your own memory)

Aristotle -- memory imprint on eye as on wax

“in flowers says Camillo ‘lies the secret of all secrets that it is not permitted
to reveal’

flowers ---- macrocosm -- leaves/roots --- microcosm

colonna’s circular island of Cythera } a garden
at center of book also as a garden manual used for Villa d’este.
Venus Grotto at Boboli gardens, botanic gardens at univ of padua

Theater --- inner sanctum at Cythera obsidian pavement = illusion
of sky (sea/sand at night, kiefer) hero thought he was walking into abyss

camillo influence theatrical design of Sebastiano Serlio
Libro d’Architectura 1545 like a cosmos

anatomy theater at university of padua --- to look inside the body

the theater like a microscope/telescope (seeing place)

“Camillo describes an animate world in which the plants, rocks and flowers are alive, in sentient reception of heavenly influence’ for camillo ‘celestial streams’ operate on the earth from the heavens. These streams move through the very capillaries of the skin, of every single hair of man” 101

Ficino ---- Camillo Camillo’s “aim is one that intimately combines the principles of natural philosophy, astronomy, and numbers with mythology and language in a way that is markedly more systematic or ‘scientific’ than Ficino’

to look at heaven (we came out and looked up at the stars – dante)

--- Giordano Bruno

Camillo’s whirlpool ----- images from tidal wash
spiral movement for planets ----- abalone house

fluid heaven ---- pneuma animate fluid substance Cicero, Petrarch

whereas Pontano rejected mathematical models a poet who thought of planets’ movement as based on their own free will qualities such as Fortitude, Liberality, Beneficence

Pietro d’Abano 1306 professor of medicine had most influence on camillo “describes an animate world in which there is no division between the world of matter and the heavens” “The material substance of the stars is as much a part of our bodies as our bones: at an atomic level 112 blood flows through arteries = stars in skies lunar phases -- sperm, menstrual flow celestial streams veins in heavens as in body

Camillo – heavens like streams and rivers in hair beard eyes “celestial channels” contact with cosmic energy “the world lives” 115

image of “young girl with her hair raised to the heavens” based on Plato’s idea of man being a a tree upside down ‘since the tree has its roots below and man has his above’


renaissance early 1400’s - early 1500s

Copernicus De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium
published 1543 Nuremburg “a magico-hermetic world picture” 117

movable” quote from Camillo 1550 addition of l’Idea de Theatro


hybrid books --- architecture, garden plans, love story, astronomy, anatomy


what book are you


which brings us back to gardens -- the center of colonna’s island of cythera past the obsidian sky-floor to Venus in a maze of gardens which this botanical garden at Padua seeks to replicate along with camillo’s vision of flowers as the secret of secrets

as with a mandala – that opens to the larger habitat, world, universe where we are to live in present tense (not tense) all the work manifest

as though every garden is a mind

our own bodies

10 june

further revisioning Cloud Poems
journal notes

11 june

in fog: otter and young shoreline

12 june

composing stone-house notebook pages for our meeting

crossing through garden over water to reach hummingbird-wing structures think of Monet’s bridge and the way he inhabited and painted from his gardens

here you can walk over or swim in garden pool or watch the play of water along with flowering beds in relation to the sea

the hummingbird wing structures are now doubled to curve out to the sea and embrace the garden